Alice. 19. UK.

Time heals everything and it’s good because I don’t care anymore!

Say Something Cover

Erm what do you do when you have a crush on someone you would never in a million years think you would like?

I fancy the fucking pants of you!!!!

'Strong enough to leave you but weak enough to need you'

Ella Eyre - Come Back Chorus Cover

Can’t sleep because the thought of you with her is playing in my mind over and over and then flash backs of me and you.

Feels like I’m back to square one getting over you again and its not fair.

What is the point crying over something that you cannot control? I stopped crying the second I realised that. I have learnt that I am so strong when it comes to getting over someone unlike most girls my age and older who ask me how I do it. To most people who know me I may look strong but inside I am an insecure mess, he broke my heart but what can I do? He’s moved on now with another girl but what can I do? The answer is nothing, I can’t do anything to control that or him and that’s what breaks me.

I knew when I was with him towards the end we weren’t meant for eachother but I kept holding on because I so badly wanted it to work. I need to keep remembering why it ended, he was a dickhead to me. He made me cry, feel insecure, imperfect and not loved.

Never let a man/woman make you feel like this. Smile that you got rid of the negativity in your life and start moving forward to the good things that are getting closer to you each day.

That hurt.


Shes perfection.

pls let me look like this 

the dream